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  1. C & C Spencer

    My wife and I have heartfelt compassion for our trees. We care for them, eat from them and yes, we even talk to them That is why, after a lot of research, we selected Gary Walker to take care of the trees on our 1 acre property in Fallbrook. We took over this property a few years ago and previous owners had let all the trees grow naturally for the last 7 years or more. For many of our trees this was the first time they had ever been trimmed. The results are excellent. Gary cares for the trees in a way that aligned with our deep connection with our trees. He carefully trimmed around a 40 ft. treehouse platform, he created beautiful lines of sight for our nature trail, he kept the trees looking natural but still helped their overall health by removing dead and excessive branches to make way for spring growth. Job well done, service that was above and beyond, we give him the highest recommendation. Many thanks Gary, C & C Spencer.

  2. Jim Beyster

    I saw what Gary had done for a neighbor’s Coral tree and they recommended him. I have an interesting pine tree in my front yard that had an overabundance of pine needles. The needle clusters on the pine tree had lots of spider mites. The density of the needles and the uncontrolled growth was giving me the heebie-jeebies because of the proximity to the house. Gary’s trimming gave the pine tree a great natural look and took care of the spider mite problem. Also, the house now has a better defensible space in the event of a fire. Gary also gave the tree a special fertilizer feeding that I will be soaking in to the soil this weekend. I highly recommend Gary’s tree service.

  3. Robert DeLaSalle

    I’ve heard wonderful things about Green Tree World.
    Their knowledge of trees and landscaping, Gary blends his knowledge and visual creativity to each tree.
    We purchased a beautiful piece of property on a lake in Atlanta GA, but it had years of neglect. We didn’t want just anybody
    coming in here to work on our trees,
    Our lot needed alot of TLC and expertise and creativity,
    We heard about Gary’s work from friends, we called Gary
    and asked him, would you be interested in Flying to Atlanta and take on our project?
    WOW we’re so excited and happy now when we look out into the lot, how he planned and sculptured our property, he brought new life to all those majestic trees and folage, it’s utterly
    beautiful !!! Gary has such passion, expertis and love for
    for trees. I wanted to share this with anyone that may
    be thinking or need their tree work done.

  4. Kent Oberlin

    Thanks Gary for taking care of our huge Tippu and Olive trees, I have referred your services to our inquiring neighbors. Nice to see a company owner actually participate in the service as well, I can tell you really love what you do.

  5. Clay Nichols

    I can’t thank Gary enough for the prompt, expert, and professional service. We were in the process of selling a property in Julian, and Gary stepped into a buyer/seller situation, and were instrumental in educating and gaining confidence with the buyer, and then providing expert removal and trimming services. It was prompt, reasonable, and the crew left the area completely clean and tidy, going the extra mile to do so. Well done!

  6. Jeanne Griffin

    The “Tree Whisperer” (Gary Walker) is both charming and artistic. He delivered on his promises to transform my overgrown trees to a manageable size. I am very satisfied with the treatment he gave to two Pepper Trees and a Jacaranda as well as the cleanup afterwards…I recommend Gary Walker. Jeanne Griffin 07/26/17

  7. Dale

    It was a pleasure to meet you this morning. I very much enjoyed the wide ranging conversation and was impressed at the depth of knowledge that you have developed in your field.

    I wanted to personally thank you for what you did. You re-established our corner in Encinitas as a showcase. My beautiful trees look amazing and are set on a path of future success. I look forward to seeing the trees responding to the deep root fertilization.



  8. Tom Walters

    I’m impressed with Gary’s knowledge and ability to expertly prune the trees on my lot.

    Gary carefully explained his intentions, in my case, to open the canopy of the trees, making them less susceptible to wind damage. I was especially concerned by one beautiful tree in my yard which had become “top heavy” and was suspiciously leaning. I was afraid the tree might have to be removed, but Gary assured me that the canopy could be thinned making the tree more stable. That was in early 2016, and the tree easily survived the notoriously wet and windy winter of ’16-17.

    Gary recommended fertilization, and afterwards I noticed the trees really “perked-up,” looking lush and green even during the drought.

    I had Gary back a year later to lower the canopy of a tree which would have interfered with a proposed rooftop solar system, and again Gary and was able to creatively address that problem.

    In the past, I’ve had “tree trimmers” do these jobs, but the difference between them and Gary is the difference between a “hair cutter” and a “hair stylist.” He does exceptional work!

  9. Lorraine L.

    I have had Gary and his crew lace many of our trees and remove several of them over the years.
    This week they removed the biggest and last of our eucalyptus trees that was very sick and needed to be removed. They came right in, took the tree down and cleaned up the yard like nothing every happened.
    If you are looking for a really good Arborist and tree company I would highly recommend Greentree World.

  10. Barbara M.

    This is the second time we have used Gary’s Green Tree service. Two years ago he came to a property we had recently purchased in Del Mar. There was a greatly stressed OLD and HUGE magnolia tree in the backyard that I desperately wanted to try and keep. Gary fertilized, trimmed and shaped the tree and told us how to care for it. Fast forward two years….the tree has been thriving! In fact, it grew so much it was encroaching on our rooftop and the neighbors’ yards. Gary trimmed and laced it beautifully. He also cleaned up the yard and power washed the entire space. It looks like we have a new backyard! During both visits to our home Gary was knowledgeable, friendly and professional. I would highly recommend his service.

  11. Jim & Vickie Meyers

    Gary came to our house to remove a dying willow tree. He was punctual, professional, and very respectful. As he cut the tree , great care was taken to not damage any structure. As the work was completed, cleaned up and made sure that everything was done to our satisfaction, in short Gary’s service was beyond expectation. The best part, however, was meeting Gary. He is interesting , very intelligent, and not only professes his ethics but actively demonstrates his convictions. He is a “Renaissance Man” a person of many talents and skills

  12. Gretchen

    Gary, you did a astonishingly good job with my massacred trees! You have restored a shapeliness to these three trees, which seemed almost impossible. This is the first time I have taken an easy breath since the shock of seeing them on July 3. I salute you.
    You will be glad to know I have been doing as you suggested with the repeated deep soaking therapy.
    I thought it would be difficult to watch the video you made of this situation on your YOUTUBE Channel (title: Nightmare on Chinese Elm Street), but it was so well conceived–what with the introductory scene at the lake, referencing chi, Gaia , nature, and centering, – that I easily watched your video from beginning to end. And yes, I enjoyed it, in a bittersweet fashion.
    Thanks, again, Gary.
    ~ Gretchen

  13. Richard E.

    We live in Poway and the drought has took it’s toll on our birch trees. Unfortunately they died and needed to be removed. Gary removed both trees and while he was here he trimmed two other trees in our front yard. The trees he trimmed are about 35-38 years old. They had not been touched in about 10 years and really looked like a big bush. Now they look spectacular. Thanks Gary for the Great job.

  14. Teri Boyle

    After we acquired our property, we invited Gary to come to assess our four fruit trees, one of which is close to 70 years old and was original to the area before development. The trees had not been well cared for, and were not looking very healthy. He did a little pruning, and gave us instructions for future care.

    Then he put fertilizer packets deep in the ground around each tree and gave instructions on how to deep-soak water them. Boy did they take off! It’s been a little over 18 months, and we’ve just had him back for another treatment. He was thrilled at how great the trees looked – healthy and a very rich green. On his way out, he noticed that our decades old mulberry tree wasn’t looking so good from some years-old improper pruning, and put in some treatment for that as well. We’re looking forward to seeing how that will help.

    He also gave us some valuable information about trees we’d like to plant, including mature size and growth rate. That was very valuable because we were about to make the wrong decision!

    Thank you Gary for your time and knowledge!

  15. Gretchen Schafer

    I had let my three beautiful, graceful Chinese Elms get very overgrown, five or six years after Gary had trimmed them so beautifully. But the wind storm we had this winter severely damaged one of the trees, and I could no longer put off getting them trimmed. The roof of the house was covered with the overgrown mass and the sidewalks were getting partially obstructed with the overgrowth. It was questionable whether the inherent shape of the damaged tree could even be saved. But save it he did! And he lovingly restored each tree to its original lacy, graceful, lovely aspect. I couldn’t have asked for a better result. And he even worked with me a bit on the final price. Gary Walker is a skillful, competent and very knowledgeable arborist.

  16. Julia, Valley Center

    Gary Walker is very knowledgeable, professional and passionate about trees. He is prompt, reliable and efficient. He laced out 6 very old Engelman Oak trees for me, and the results are delightful. The trees look really beautiful now. I also needed to have two very large trees removed. It was fascinating to watch how efficiently they were cut them down. He also cleaned up afterward and hauled the debris away, but leaving me the cut wood for firewood.

    Gary’s knowledge of trees is impressive and he evaluated all the trees on my property and gave me good advice. He gave clear instructions and showed deep experience in tree lacing. When it came to actually doing the work, he took the time to do it right and I am so pleased with the results.

  17. Nance Robertson

    We needed a quick rescue of our beautiful, mature Pine tree that dominates our front yard (that another tree company had just recently ‘butchered’ so badly that I had to order them to immediately stop work and leave!) and we were able to contact Gary Walker. During our initial phone call, it took no time to realize that Gary ‘knows trees’ and he asked for pictures of the tree before actually coming over. After examining our prized Pine and accepting the job, and before coming over, Gary had us give a prolonged deep soak to the Pine to prepare the area for the trim and the deep root feeding of the tree.

    Gary was very clear, knowledgeable and friendly. When he arrived, he made sure they knew exactly what to do and he got started. He was great; friendly and efficient. Gary did exacting work and that we were happy with the outcome, which also included removing a number of larger branches that the other trimmer had indiscriminately blunt cut. He cleaned up well afterwards and we were very satisfied with the trimming job, which Gary calls ‘artistic lacing.’ My tree will need to be trimmed every couple of years, and we will continue to call Gary Walker and Greentree.

  18. Everett Jess

    Just over a year ago, I contacted Gary because my Leyland Cypress were dying. I have 12 trees that span the entire length of my backyard. All are elevated on a hill with 10 of them on level ground and 2 are on a slope. The only reason they survived is because of Gary’s guidance and suggestions on what should be done to get them healthy again. Because of the drought we in California has suffered, I wanted to conserve as much water use to lesson the cost of my water bill. I used to have a sprinkler system water the trees but Gary suggested to replace that with a soaker hose system that would get the job done and reduce my water output and boy did that work. My water bill was cut in half. In a ver short period of time, my trees looked absolutely beautiful. Several months later with knowing that El Nino was coming, I called Gary once again to offer suggestions on how we could prevent my 2 largest Cypress trees that were on my slope cold reduce the possibility of uprooting and falling down my backyard and possible causing severe damage not only to my home but could also fall in my neighbors yard. Mind you, these 2 trees were around 60 feet high and had a width of 15 ti 20 feet wide. Once again, Gary had the solution. He cut away form 40 to 50% of the trees weight. What was amazing, is that when he finished, I couldn’t tell if he did anything. In essence, the trees maintain their beauty and integrity and the proof of his work came just this week when had violent storms hitting San Diego with wind gusts up and over 50 mph. Yes the trees were blowing but they never moved an inch. What can I say about the value Gary brings to solving problems in your yard. There is no one who can match is expertise.

  19. Sheryl Tempchin

    I’ve used Green Tree World twice and both times got great service at a reasonable price. The first time, a couple of years ago, I had Gary come out and trim several trees. This winter I had him remove a tree that had started to lean dangerously into my neighbor’s yard. The work was done quickly and efficiently and everything cleaned up after. I highly recommend Gary and Green Tree World.

  20. Liz Ferguson

    A couple of years ago my beautiful old Elm Tree was looking pretty puny!! My friend, Elaine told me about
    Green Tree World and Gary Walker. Thank you, Elaine!!

    This tree is very near some SDG&E power lines and they love to send Davy’s Tree Service around to slaughter it every year!!

    My tree was so healthy after Gary trimmed and fertilized it that I immediately knew who to call this year.

    Gary’s prices are reasonable and his work is great.

    I highly recommend him.

    Liz Ferguson, Carlsbad, CA

  21. Jack & Helen Ofield

    We found Gary at Green Tree World by calling the County Arborists Society and asking for an expert. We were in dire need of a real tree doctor-surgeon (and so was our next-door neighbor). Our mighty Canary Island Palm was rapidly dying of the same fungus that afflicted the Beverly Hills forest of palms. Gary and his team carefully dismantled our monster tree, in its landlocked position near the rear of our home, and removed it piece by piece. Then he diagnosed the state of our Italian Cypress trees, two of which had died from spider infestation. He checked every tree on the property, showed us how to use Super Thrive tree food and how to water properly–and then, the coup de gräce, recreated our courtyard, which was then bereft of the Canary Island Palm. New Cocos Plumosas were suddenly part of the deal, along with prolific little rose bushes and other plantings (like dozens of daffodil bulbs) that gave us a fairyland in the spring. The Kitchen Courtyard is now our favorite spot for breakfast and lunch and reading.
    We urged our neighbor to bring in Gary immediately to save her gigantic pine tree, which had developed a 20-foot scar down the trunk and had never been pruned. Gary cleaned the tree, trenched around it, fed it lavishly and advised a watering system. Today, that near-death tree looks terrific.
    You get what you pay for. That may be a tired phrase, but it is so true. If you treasure your gardens and trees, don’t settle for less than the best. Not for nothing is Gary’s company titled “Green Tree World.” And isn’t that what we all want?

  22. Tom

    I was introduced to Gary while my next door neighbor’s tall and over grown eucalyptus trees were being laced. Watching, I noticed the difference a professional arborist makes and because of his skillful tree surgery, and also because he spent a lot of time giving me a detailed and intelligent analysis of my trees and their needs, I decided to hire Gary to lace out my trees.

    In the past I had my several trees occasionally serviced by a local “trimmer.” As the trees matured, I realized they needed much more than that type of a “hack” job. It was interesting to watch Green Tree work on my trees. I was impressed by the skill and safety measures they used to artistically lace my 30 year old California Peppers and 18 year old showcase Locust. These trees had become “top heavy” with thick canopies. Now they’re open and airy and beautifully shaped. He cleaned-up meticulously, leaving my yard litter free. Gary also suggested deep root fertilization for my Locust, and we discussed interesting ideas to update my older, overgrown and thirsty existing landscape. I’m very pleased with Green Tree and will certainly be using them again. ~Tom, Santee, CA

  23. Lorraine

    I had Gary come and remove a very large tree from my backyard and also lace another very large tree. This is the second time I have used Green Tree and they always do such a wonderful job. Gary knows about trees and understands how to treat a tree. He is very professional and cleaned up the debris from the trees like nothing happened in the yard. I would highly recommend Green Tree to do the job and do it well.

  24. David Lee

    We have been wanting to have our giant 60′ Mexican fan palm tree removed from our backyard for a while. Gary has been doing a lot of work for my two neighbors right next door, and he came highly recommended. Gary is very knowledgeable, easy going, and very personable.

    We had some concerns about possible damage to the jacuzzi and the deck right under the palm tree in an enclosed space, but Gary assured us no damage would incur and he was right. He brought some protective materials to cover up the jacuzzi, and the tree was removed without incidence. We REALLY appreciated how well he cleaned up everything after the job was done. He got on the roof to pick up fallen palm fronds, swept the roof, the deck, and the driveway and left our property cleaner than when they first arrived on the scene to do the job. Thank you, Gary, for an awesome job well done!

  25. Pamela

    After months of interviewing landscape designers and gardeners, I serendipitously found Gary while searching online for someone who could understand my vision and provide me with a unique, drought-tolerant, low-maintenance, yet beautiful landscape in my yard. I was initially impressed with his punctuality and no-nonsense attitude. After my initial meeting with him, he quickly followed up with a quote, we agreed on a price, and he started my project a week and a half after our first meeting. Then, he surprised me further by completing my landscaping project in 4.5 days! So, 3 weeks after meeting him, my yard was done! All other contractors told me it would take weeks, if not months, to complete my landscaping project! Gary is hardworking, efficient, and can do it all–landscape design, planting, tree trimming, fertilization, and even demolition (he removed a large, defunct, eye-sore, water feature on my hillside)! Gary is truly an artist and created a beautiful landscape design for me with unique plants, trees, succulents, agaves, aloes, and other wonders to behold. Prior to his transformation of my yard, I had no desire to spend any time in it for the past 14 years that I’ve owned my property. Now I spend time in my garden every day, strolling through it and looking at all of the beautiful shapes, textures, and colors in the plants and trees as well as the eye-popping color from the flowering plants and trees. I couldn’t be happier and highly recommend Gary!

    • Marilyn Groot

      Pamela: Thank you so much for your wonderful review of what Gary has done to your yard. I have used him for several years to lace my tree bur not for anything else. I have a back yard that I want grass free, low maintenance, beautiful and that I can enjoy looking at every day. I know him to be hardworking, efficient and easy to work with as well as reasonable in price. I just wasn’t sure of his designing skills but you certainly set my mind at ease. Thank you!!

  26. Steven K.

    Gary has worked on my commercial and residential properties for years and he consistently does outstanding work. I first called him on a recommendation to save some old irreplaceable Japanese pines that I thought were lost and they came back to life beautifully after he treated them. I now have him do maintenance at regular intervals to keep everything healthy. In addition to his scientific knowledge of trees, he is also an artist when it come to pruning. I have received thank you’s from many very happy tenants after he has enhanced the place they live or work. Above all, he is always completely honest and trustworthy, very easy to work with, and very fair. I highly recommend him.

  27. Rob L.

    I recently had some large olive trees who’s health was in rapid decline and losing them would have been very costly to both my landscape design and my wallet. After doing a good amount of research and finding that most tree services had very limited knowledge and were mainly in the business of “clean-up”, I was extremely lucky to find Gary. Not only was I impressed with his breadth and depth of knowledge, but unlike so many out there, the service he provided was outstanding! He was extremely quick to respond, easy to communicate with, and the work he did was second to none! Gary really took the time to walk me through everything that was going on with the trees, what he was doing and his recommendations for continuing care. On top of all that he done for our olive trees, Gary went out of his way to answer my numerous questions on other plantings and things we were thinking about doing design wise. Finding someone of Gary’s knowledge and ability is hard, but to find someone who also provides the level of service that Gary does is extremely rare and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

  28. J. B.

    A few years ago I was searching for an arborist and was fortunate to discover Gary Walker. His prompt response and knowledgeable evaluation was quite impressive. The excellent workmanship reflected his dedication and passion for nature. It was a wonderful experience from his initial vision through the final cleanup. During this time I realized that Gary is a skilled arborist and so much more. Needless to say, Gary has continued to work for me numerous times over the years. Most recently, along with caring for my trees, Gary created the most spectacular, colorful garden. It is truly living art and brings me so much joy. Gary is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him for your tree service and garden installation.

  29. Angie Hoadley

    Gary came highly recommended, so I called. Gary came over and a gave a thorough assessment of my 2 trees I needed assistance with. Based on his experience and expertise, he told me that my cypress tree was 80% dead because of a canker sore that was spewing sap all over my yard. The next week, he came over and cut down my very tall cypress tree and trimmed my Canary Palm. He likes to recycle the wood, so he cut the tree into logs so that I could burn them at a later date. So nice to have the tree gone and my piles of firewood. My Canary Palm looks great as well. I would highly recommend him! Fast, affordable and knowledgeable service! Thanks Green Tree Team!

  30. Ron M

    A couple of years ago, I made a mistake of hiring unqualified people to prune my large canary palm trees. Shortly after that I lost two of my beloved large palm trees to fusarium infection. This time I did not want to risk it and I hired Gary to check out the health of my remaining palm trees and prune them. Gary is very knowledgeable and he seems to have a lot of passion for plants. He surveyed my property thoroughly and made several recommendations. He also educated me on my particular plants. He worked on my multiple different palm trees and my numerous other plants. He also repaired and tuned up my irrigation system to make things work properly. I think his work was superb. I felt he did a good job not to please me, but because he really cared about the plants and wanted to make them survive better. He did an excellent job and I was happy with the results. I felt he was honest and trustworthy. I obviously highly recommend Gary, because I am planning to hire him back in a few months to redesign the landscaping of my property, hoping to add to its visual yield and beauty.

  31. Everett J

    Recently, I was given a death sentence on 12 , 30 to 50 foot tall Leyland Cypress trees in my backyard. If they were to die, the cost would have cost thousands of dollars to bring down. As I always do, I did the due diligence in finding an Arborist that could counsel me on this dilemma. After careful research and based on the rave reviews on the Green Tree website, I called Gary, who came by the next day to analyze the condition of the trees. Immediately, he knew what the problem was and felt very confidently, that the situation could be reversed if I was committed to do what had to be done. What really impressed me was how he articulated the problem in very few words that was simple to understand. I liked his analogy that pertains to most all living beings and that is, we need sunlight, nutrients and water to survive. He outlined what needed to be done and with my commitment, we should be able to reverse their condition.
    That was almost 5 weeks ago and during that time, Gary came by to ascertain my progress and told and showed me how and where I was winning the battle. Per his suggestion, one of the reason why I have been successful was my buying a 100 foot soaker hose that ran along the length of of the tree line and turned it on the timetable outlined by Gary.

    All I can say, I feel so fortunate to have Gary on my side from the very beginning. His analysis is brief and to the point and if you follow his suggestions, you will overcome any problems you will have with our beloved trees, plants, flowers etc etc.

    Thank you Gary, Everett

  32. Ted Kimball

    Gary is more than just an arborist, he really cares about what you want to accomplish and sets out to do just that. He is thorough in his plans before hand so you know exactly what you are getting, and he works within your parameters to make the very best result. You can tell how passionate Gary is about making sure your landscaping is healthy and beautiful. It was a very pleasurable experience working with Gary. The plants he produced were also of the highest quality.

  33. Jim Preston

    I contacted Gary and he was able to come out to my property within a day of my contacting him and assess the status of my yard consisting of many Oak Trees, Various Fruit Trees, a couple of Bottle Brush Trees, several Deodar Cedars, several Queen Palms, a Fichus and a Redwood (yes I did say Redwood), not to mention some other plants including cactus. He was very thorough, articulate and extremely knowledgeable. I got quite an education just walking the property with him, as he was very forthcoming about the condition of my various trees and explained to me in laymen’s terms what and how things should be addressed.

    Gary was patient with my questions and generous with his time and truly, in my opinion, interested in helping me. After the thorough survey of my property, Gary mentioned that he could also assist in solving my landscape needs, which I was not aware of initially when I called him for an assessment. So he went back out into the yard and prepared a detailed proposal, which we discussed and agreed upon on the spot.

    Gary came back, again in short order (not weeks and weeks later) and performed what I deem transformational work on my yard and landscape. Gary himself self performed some of the work; that alone should tell you something about him. Gary not only contacted me after the job was done to make sure I was satisfied but he also called a couple of weeks later to follow up so see how I was enjoying my yard. That my dear reader is old school customer service!

    Suffice it to say, I will definitely call him in the future and refer him to anyone in need service. Moreover, I am thrilled with my yard and invigorated to get back out there……


  34. Richard Barron

    I had been looking for a qualified arborist to prune my trees and found Green Tree World on the Internet. Gary came to my house and we surveyed all the trees and bushes. He told me which one needed help and what to do about them. I deep watered all of them and Gary put fertilizer around the roots. Some of my trees had never been pruned and some were very old and needed a lot of work. Gary came over and worked very hard for three days and the results are fantastic. The trees all look great and the overall appearance is wonderful. Gary provides a wonderful service and is very unique in his knowledge and love of trees. I am very glad I found this firm and will look forward to working with them again in the future

  35. J. M. Smith

    I was referred to Gary by a colleague, and had him come over to help with our many sycamores, our prize Japanese maples, and assorted other trees – all victims of deferred maintenance. We hit it off right away, as Gary is a true tree-lover but also very practical and straightforward. We quickly made a plan which he executed swiftly and expertly. His professionalism came through every day, with meticulous attention to detail, and great care in tidying up.

    We have had a great many “service” people come to our home to help with a great many issues over time, but Gary stands out as giving expert advice, excellent and prompt service, with no surprises, and all at a fair price. I would recommend him without reservation.

  36. Warren Brubaker

    I called Gary to find out what was attacking my Hibiscus tree. Gary said he would get over to look at as soon as the rain let up and would call to check on my availability. In a day when many do not follow thru Gary was right there. He called and scheduled a convenient time over the weekend. He also gave me a five minute heads up before arriving. It took no time for him to diagnose my issue. He even assisted by showing me exactly what I needed to do as well as telling me what I would need to get at Home Depot. Gary then offered to check out my other plants and trees and gave me a pretty good education. It was greatly appreciated. He’s in my speed dial should I need further assistance.

  37. Scott

    I have just purchased a house in Escondido and it needed some desperate tree work due to the current drought and the low watering that normally happens during the escrow process. I only use certified arborists on my properties or you just can’t be sure on the advice you get. I called Gary because I could tell he has a passion for gardening. He was very responsive and met with me on a weekend so my wife and I could go over all our questions around the plants we have on our new property. He and his team came out the following Thursday and spent a full day trimming and removing several trees to vastly improve the view and create a nice frame around it.

    What impressed me is Gary isn’t there just to direct his guy he got in there with the saw and laced out the trees, dug holes to fertilize several of my more important trees that needed a little more help and even helped my wife and I split up some 50+ pound bird of paradise plants and put them in new ceramic pots we bought.

    I recommend Gary for his passion and knowledge or you can go with anyone who claims to be a “gardener” and hope your expensive yard survives.

  38. Jeff

    I have a fairly large yard in terms of track homes and have 15 trees of different varieties. I had previously hired an ‘arborist’ who did a poor job that left a number of trees with structural problems. Gary worked on all of my trees and did a beautiful job shaping them for visual appeal and proper structure for future growth. When I first returned home to the finished trees, the first thing I noticed was that they looked very natural, not overly cut or thinned out. He addressed all of the specific requests I had for specific trees. Upon close inspection, it’s very evident that he is very careful in his work – all of the cuts he made look very clean and precise.

    I’m impressed with Gary’s knowledge but more importantly his love of trees, nature, and garden design. He approached my trees like an artist and I believe he loves them just as much as I do. I won’t need to look for anyone else to work on my trees again. I recommend you use Gary so you won’t either!

    San Marcos, CA

  39. Adam H

    I met with Gary last week to assess the health of several Podocarpus trees that had been improperly planted a couple years ago during the first phase of the landscaping at my new home. Gary brought true gardening expertise and straight talk that many landscapers present in new developments just don’t seem to have. In addition to advising me on how to save my ailing trees, he spent a good amount of time answering my questions about other plants and landscaping details that would help tie together the entire yard and surrounding area. Gary is patient, listens to concerns, offers practical solutions, and displays a passion for plants and living things in general that is refreshing and inspiring.

  40. Scott

    We have a large yard with two or three acres in the back that needed a plan. Gary worked with us to develop a vision. He showed us a number of plants to see if we liked them and developed a “zoned” plan with different areas of the yard having different themes such as cactus garden, wildflower area, game area, wooded creek, etc. We started with tree work in which Gary took down a few large dead or ailing trees, took out shrubs that did not make sense, and cleaned up a heavily wooded area. Gary’s tree work was very fast and had beautiful results. He was a very good value for the amount of work done thusfar. We are doing other phases of the project over time and are looking forward to the results.

  41. Denise

    Thanks you so much for your generosity and the beautiful extra tree that you left. My friend will truly appreciate your understanding and compassion. Your own journey has enlightened you with an empathy and concern that is reflected in your life and work…the beauty of your landscaping is testimony to that.
    I feel it an honor to get to know you and hope that you feel the same.

  42. Sue Pellerito

    If you are lucky enough to stumble upon Green Tree and have the opportunity to meet Gary Walker you won’t be disappointed! Gary did a fabulous job pruning our Canary Palm to look like an “Egyptian Work of Art!”. It is so beautiful it deserves to be gracing the front of a swanky resort rather than our front lawn. He also trimmed back an old mulberry tree and did deep root fertilization of both trees. Gary pointed out that the mulberry tree had some termite-infected limbs which we were unaware of. He was able to cut out the affected areas. We are very pleased with the work. Thanks Gary!

  43. Marc Rossi

    I met Gary through my neighbor who needed a very large pine tree removed and much of the foliage was hanging over the property line into my yard. So Gary needed access to my yard to remove the cuttings. While they were available I got Gary’s advice regarding 3 Canary Island pines growing in my yard near the neighbors’s tree. My trees were growing when I moved into my house in 1985 and I had never done much of anything to them. So they needed trimming and fertilizing and alot more water than they had been getting. The trees have been rehabbed and should be doing alot better in the future.
    Gary’s prices were good. He was friendly and helpful with offers to put things anywhere I needed. The clean-up afterward was very thorough and colateral damage to other plants was minimal. I asked for some of Gary’s business cards to have handy for referrals. It was a good experience.

  44. The Walkers

    This is the second job Gary has done for us. It involved replacing a rather flat and completely dead lawn in our front yard with a flagstone path and a variety of plants, selected to be hardy in the hot, dry conditions and not to use excessive water. The project also involved changes to the main irrigation system and the installation of a new small-bore, drip irrigation line. Gary’s strength is his knowledge of plants and trees, so now we have a rich assortment of roses, sage, lavender, mallow and crape myrtle trees. These vary considerably in height, color and texture, resulting in a space that is varied in height and density, giving a perception of considerable complexity – it is a pleasure to walk along the flagstone path.Considerable quantities of mulch were supplied and spread, which not only controls weeds and reduced evaporation, but gives a unity to the new landscaping and a continuity with the existing planters.

    Gary had an initial meeting with us, produced a quotation and had a second discussion with us before we agreed terms and authorized him to begin. The total cost was more than we planned, but we agreed to this and, indeed, Gary provided some extra plants at his own expense. So far everything is working well, plants are growing. On the other hand, the flagstones were selected to match a large existing area and so there was a restriction on choice.

    In general we are pleased with the work. The garden of the front yard looks good and will become even better as the new plants and trees grow. On this basis we would use Gary again if the need arose.

  45. Rob MacDonald

    I hired Gary Walker and Greentree World to lace and fertilize my two pittosporum trees. Both trees are over 60 years old and provide a gorgeous canopy of shade in my backyard. Unfortunately, too much shade. Gary did a great job of opening up the canopy and pruning appropriate limbs to give the trees a healthy, airy look. Because of drought conditions, they performed a deep-root fertilizing and provided me with tips on improving the health of the trees going forward. Gary was knowledgeable, personable, held to our schedule and just did a grand job. With his horticultural background, I knew I wasn’t just hiring everyday tree-pruning monkeys. I hired an expert. I would recommend Gary and his services to anyone who cares about trees. Great job!

  46. David

    I was worried about the health of my beautiful, tall palm trees. I had called two other companies, but neither had gotten back to me. Gary promised to call me back, and did, and showed up at the appointed time, and, as promised, called ahead to let me know he was on the way — so very professional.
    Gary quickly assuaged my concerns about my palms, but then let me pick his brain about all the other plants on our property. He gave me great information about all my plants as we walked my property, in a short period of time, and lots of tips on the proper care and feeding of them. He is obviously very knowledgeable, but more importantly, eager to share. I highly recommend his services!

  47. Lorraine

    I hired Gary Walker to come and lace out two very tall trees and remove a cypress tree on our property. I was very impressed with the way the trees were laced to bring out their true beauty. He worked quickly and cleaned up all of the mess in 2 1/2 hours. He really cares about the trees and making your property look great. I would highly recommend him.
    Thank you for being a great guy and doing a wonderful job.

  48. Kelly

    Earlier this month I called Gary / Green Tree to discuss two tree pruning projects for our family – one in La Jolla (large job – long overdue) and Encinitas (small job – corrective work). Gary not only returned my call promptly, he met me within a day or so, after having viewed both sites on his own initiative. Like other reviewers note, he thouroughly explained my options for each particular tree type and made quite sure he understood my objectives for each. Finally, we agreed on a work schedule, which he met. While all this may seem a normal process, I must say in my experience Gary’s service, punctuality, attention to detail, and knowledge are outstanding – no last minute calls to delay the project, no surprises, no mess for me to clean up. Gary was even able to include additional work that I requested during the larger job. Both pre- and post-op, Gary advised me of the appropriate care for the larger trees and later followed up to make sure I did my part.

    Impressive; I highly recommend Gary.

  49. Phil & Carolyn

    We feel lucky to have found Gary, who is proof that that great customer service lives on! He and his team trimmed our trees this year along with some other tree care and also removed some trees that were too close to the house. We learned a lot at the consultation and he worked with us to establish a good quote. He is not only extremely knowledgeable, but communicates this effectively to the (non-expert) customer to help you decide on your plan for your yard!

  50. Ron and Julie

    We recently used Gary, from Green Tree, for a gardening problem at our home. He was prompt, gave us a fair estimate and completed the work as scheduled. Gary was also very helpful in providing us with ideas and solutions for our garden. We highly recommend him and would call him in the future when the need arises.
    Thank you, Gary!
    Ron and Julie

  51. Jim

    Gary was doing a job in our neighborhood when we asked if it would be possible to cut two yucca
    stumps to ground level. He did it at no charge(we don’t own a chain saw) and saved us hours of labor.
    He will be our new “go to” guy for gardening and tree needs. He spent time talking to us and seems most
    knowledgeable. Thanks Gary!

  52. SB

    Gary did a great job on our trees.
    He completed the job with great skill and quickly.
    I would reccommend him to anyone out there trying to fix up any gardening issues and especially helping keep your trees/plants healthy for the life of the species.

    rating 10 out of 10.

  53. Akiko

    I met Gary when I asked him to evaluate my palm tree. I was sad that I had to remove the tree because of its poor condition but was glad that he was able to re-do my yard. My goal was to remove grass from the front yard to reduce water bills, but I didn’t want to have desert-looking yard. I asked Gary to get water-wise/heat-resistant plants with flowers. He asked me my favorite colors and type of flowers and tried to accommodate my requests as much as possible. In addition to trees/plants with flowers, he also planted bulbs of daffodils throughout the yard (but didn’t tell me where he put them), so it’ll be surprise when start growing soon. I can’t wait to see how it turns out when all the flowers start blooming. He also artistically pruned a large ficus tree in the side yard, repaired my side gates, connected one of the gate to walkway with large flag stones, and put trees and ground covers in the backyard. All of these are a package deal. Thank you or Domo Arigato, Gary!

  54. Sheryl Tempchin

    Gary Walker removed a couple of bottle brush trees and trimmed and laced several other mature trees for us, including two large pines in the front yard that had been butchered by someone else. Gary managed to fix them up and get them looking happy again. He also did deep root fertilization. We were very pleased with the results. Gary did a fantastic job and the price was very reasonable. We definitely recommend him.

  55. Celia

    Gary recently completed a very nice job of lacing three mature pine trees in our yard. He artistically reshaped the trees allowing the sun to shine through, which is exactly what we wanted. The outcome is beautiful.


  56. Michael Ayers

    My wife and I have turned to Gary twice now. We have three acres in Bonsall, and have lots of trees. Gary has taken care of several large eucalyptus trees, a bunch (upwards of 20) of California pepper trees, several stands of old, tall oleander, a huge pine tree, and several palm trees (including removing one we hated). Gary did great work, thinning the trees out in a way that looks natural – definitely NOT like someone just gave it a quick once-over with a hedge trimmer or something. Gary also advised on care for a couple of trees we were concerned about, and gave us some good instructions for making our trees as healthy as possible. He even cut back our roses so they’re all set to grow like crazy in the spring.

    We had him do a lot of work, so it wasn’t cheap, but we think it was a good investment. Gary is our go-to guy for tree care, and we like the work he’s done for us.

    He’s also a musician, and has put out a CD album. Pretty good stuff, actually!

  57. John Martinez

    I would highly recommend Gary!. I have a 60 ft. pine tree in the corner of my backyard. It was planted there from a living Christmas tree we bought 30 yrs. ago. Every three to four years I have had the tree laced & trimmed , but it had starded to grow over into my neighbors yard and although they never complained it was overwhelming that corner of their yard. I had asked other arborists if there was a possibility of cutting the major branch that had grown into my neighbors yard, but they all said that cutting that much off my tree would kill it. I was beginng to think that I would have to cut it down although it held a great sentimental value to us , having watched it grow all these years. Then I saw Garys’ website & started to read about him. Within a few minutes of reading about his knowledge & passion for nature I knew that if anyone could save my tree it was him. What was great about Gary was the confidence that he gave me about what he needed to do. There was no hesitation in him telling me that major branch would have to go & that my tree woud still look & be just fine. Afterwards he did some light lacing & reshaping and also did deep root fertilization on not only my pine tree , but other trees I have. My pine tree looks Great!! Gary is quick & cleanup was amazing. He even did firewood cuts from my tree , which I gave to my good neighbors for putting up with my tree for so long. His pricing was right there with everyone elses, despite the fact that he comes with more knowledge & passion for what he does. Gary is the only one I will ever have work on my trees again. By the way, Great music Gary , Thanks

  58. John Bojorquez

    Gary Walker had recommended thinning, pruning, lacing and fertilizing our trees on our property here in Valley Center, CA. I was a little skeptical of his original estimate to do this job at first but I can see now that it was worth paying a little extra to get our trees treated by him! The job was done exactly as he recommended and in a timely, professional and reasonable fashion. The area he worked was left clean and I was very happy with the results of their labor! My huge, well established pine trees needed and got the TLC that Gary suggested and I am very happy to see that he is quite knowledgeable about the care of trees. I highly recommend Gary for any type of work that you might have with your trees!

  59. Barbara Cox

    We recently purchased a distressed, drought stressed, neglected mess of a second home in Rainbow. The 1.65 acre property has two giant ancient California Live Oaks and an ancient Giant Sycamore. In addition, there are perhaps 30 additional trees, plus innumerable shrubs, bushes, succulents, vines etc. Much of it was dead or close to death. We needed the services of a knowledgeable arborist who could devise a plan to save the trees and guide us through the first steps of restoring the property. Although Gary’s bid was not the lowest, we found his expertise worth the investment. Moreover, Gary answered his phone personally EVERY TIME I CALLED! We are working professionals with extensive family obligations, and we are only on the property one or two days on the weekend. When I needed answers, I got them immediately.

    Gary devised an intervention plan of deep root watering, fertilization, and trimming/pruning that has our property back on the road to helath. Gary did everything he said he would do in a timely manner. He turned our jungle into a yard by clearing 80% of the brush and dead branches and making the rest of the restoration manageable. When I saw the sculpting Gary did on the Giant Sycamore, it brought tears to my eyes. It is stunning!

    For Gary, trees are Living Art. I would not hesitate to recommend Gary and GreenTree World.

  60. Angel

    We were interested in replacing the grass in our small front yard for a low water garden. Gary got a good idea of the kind of plants I like, and then custom designed a garden specifically for me. Gary is very efficient and was done in a matter of a few days. In addition to the front, he also laced out two trees in the back. Our Olive tree and Brazilian Pepper tree have never looked better! And the plants he chose for the front are absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait for my Hong Kong Orchid tree to start flowering. Thank you Gary for the beautiful yard!

  61. Chris and Suzanne

    Gary took a half acre of overgrown, dense eucalyptus and safely removed many trees and large branches that posed safety risks (even one that was precariously hanging over our neighbor’s roof). He transformed a wild yard (Gary dubbed it “the jungle”) into a few natural looking groves that allow lots of light and leave the yard feeling more spacious.

    He saw the potential in our space and applied an artistic eye; we love the finished work and are grateful we found him, as other arborists did not seem to understand the complicated nature of the job, and the result we hoped to achieve.

  62. Susan

    Gary was great. He was able to come within 30 minutes of my calling about a 40 foot pine tree that had fallen down overnight obstructing the road. He took care of the pine tree, laced my ficus, and provided free fertilizer for several other trees. The job was done quickly and they cleaned up everything, even blowing and sweeping my neighbors’ driveways. Wonderful service. I will recommend him to all my friends and neighblors.

  63. Nancy Anderson

    The breezes are blowing through my newly laced trees. What a difference a day makes. We were thrilled with the work that was done by Gary. He was amazing and then the final touches as seen through Gary’s eyes were wonderful. Details, details…..all of them covered so professionally. A friend had recommended Gary. She said she loved to watch him work. Now we know what she meant. .

  64. Vanessa

    My husband and I invited Gary to redo our front and back yards (completely decimated due to a home remodel) after reading positive reviews about him, including those from a column in which master gardeners were asked who they would choose to do their garden design – more than one recommended Gary! He designed and planted our gardens last September (2011). During the design phase, we met with him at our house (this was when it became clear to us that he was just the right person for the project) and then he generously invited us to visit his gardens, and asked us lots of questions about what we liked. I remember telling him that I wanted a natural, green, lush, bird & butterfly-friendly, tree-laden, drought-tolerant, and low-care garden, all for a very reasonable price (only semi-joking). Then we basically set him loose, as his knowledge and creativity were evident. Gary implemented his design in about two weeks. I’m writing this 8 months later, and it’s incredible what a transformation we have witnessed. The yard is lush and full of greenery, we have hummingbirds and butterflies everywhere, and it seems that every week a new and unexpected splash of color emerges – just today we noticed small purple flowers on a bush, and burgundy trumpet flowers from one of the new trees. Gary put in a wonderful variety of shrubs, trees, and flowers that integrate to form a truly artistic tapestry. I’ve emailed Gary on several occasions with questions about various plants, and he’s been gracious about answering my questions. He’s even helped me find replacements for the small number of bushes that I managed to kill. Gary combines extensive knowledge of plants with artistic talent and vision, and he was a great match for us, as we were happy to step back and give him free rein to create!

  65. Paul

    GreenTree and Gary did a great job removing two palm trees from our back yard, as well as trimming and lacing 7 other trees aroung the house. We have a magnolia tree in front which I was thinking about having removed, but Gary convinced me to have it “artistically” pruned, and it looks fantastic. I will definitely have GreenTree back for any future work. Gary also gave me some advice on perking up a fishtail palm.

  66. Anna

    My quest for an arborist started when I noticed a volunteer Coast Live Oak tree growing among some Junipers on my property. I wanted to keep the Oak tree but I wasn’t sure if it was growing in the right spot. I started calling around for certified arborists for advice and estimates on what to do with this Oak tree. I also needed advice on 2 mature Ash trees as they were in definite need of some TLC…. After 3 estimates from “Certified Arborists” I came across on the web and I liked what I read about Gary and his great passion for nature. Needless to say, I choose Gary over the other 3 arborists not only because of his passion for nature, but because of his analytic ability to look at a tree and disect it in a way to restore the tree statuesque beauty! Thank you Gary …. IMHO you are the “tree whisperer” !


    Gary came promptly as promised and did a terrific job!
    He cut two trees and trimmed and laced my other trees. They look GREAT!
    Thank you for your help!

  68. gary

    Thank you Carol for your kind words. I have to say that Carol was perhaps the nicest and most fun client I ever had the privilege to do a garden makeover for. She was knowledgeable, passionate, enthusiastic, curious and diplomatic about the whole process and gave me plenty of freedom to create an original and unique garden. It was a pleasure taking some of her fine creative ideas and incorporating them into the mix.

  69. Carolyn Burns

    Gary just finished redoing my yard and truly turned it into a garden. My best friend couldn’t wait to come over and look at the completed project and when she walked in the gate she just stood there and said, “Wait. I have to take it all in. OMG! It’s absolutely beautiful!” She went on to say, “You can see his artistry in the placing of the plants and the colors.” We just sat and looked at this amazing change that took place in just a couple of weeks.
    I’m so glad my husband found Gary’s website and we decided to have him do the work. I can’t wait for next Spring when it’s all established and in full bloom! Thanks Gary!! 🙂

  70. Rose Pope

    When I got home and saw all the work that had been done and how beautifully it was done
    I was more than pleased. The cluster of elms were no longer entangled and droopy. They looked young
    and regal. The ficus was gone, poor thing that I never should have planted. It was quite large and the
    only trace of it was the stump. Great job cleaning up!
    The neighbor’s tree that was shading a lot of my driveway and blocking the sunlight on my solar panels
    was cleanly trimmed. And last but not least, my liquid amber in the front yard, looked healthier after Gary laced it.

    Gary’s an artist with trees.

  71. Ed Farnworth

    Gary has been to my home twice to work on my trees. In both cases the work was superb. Gary clearly lays out his plan to accomplish the needed work. Then he completes the work in a professional and timely manner. Everyone seems to enjoy the job they are doing. Before they leave, everything is neatly cleaned up.

    I find Gary’s suggestions very helpful. I met him when he was working on my neighbor’s property. I would highly recommend him to all for his tree and garden work.

  72. Jack Minnoch

    Gary just finished our property and did one fantastic job, front, side back. Trees were sculptured in an excellent manner and his recommendations on care and feeding the trees were positive. I had been satisfied with my previous contractor but Gary is significantly better and very efficient. He was here a shorter period of time, did a better job on the trees and cleaned up all the work. I will use him again.

  73. Marco Monroy

    What a pleasure working with Gary! He provided great expertise as an arborist for the trees in our yard in La Jolla, laced out our overgrown trees into pieces of art. His suggestions for new plants and shrubs gave the garden a beautiful theme. The work was done a few months ago and we are now seeing the results with beautiful surprises popping up all around. He was very professional and very easy to work with. He followed up a couple of months after the work was completed to check on the results. We could not be any happier with Gary’s work and will definitely use his services and recommend him in the future.

  74. Sandi

    Gary has inspired me to be a better gardner. Our yard had ended up in sad shape, and I was embarrassed to even have Gary see it. He never said a disparaging word, yet instead encouraged me and gave me helpful tips. He artfully laced out all our big trees and largest shrubs. He was on time, careful with the surrounding plants and cleaned up nicely when finished. Even my neighbor came over and hired him !
    I can hardly wait till Spring to see my yard come alive!
    Thank you Gary !

  75. Scott Feldsher & Sarah Golden

    The property of our new house is well-stocked with old growth trees, which had not been cared for in years. We suspected some of them were not fairing well, so we decided to contact an arbor specialist — and we are glad we did! Gary not only confirmed that our trees needed a lot of attention, but he was so articulate in his analysis that even us non-specialists could comprehend the problems and the necessary, common sense, solutions.

    In two visits, Gary provided deep root fertilization to all our trees and did a magnificent pruning job. His prices were very fair and he was on time, professional and thorough. As they we were working, they found some other small jobs that needed attention around the property and simply did them at no extra cost.

    Throughout the process, it was clear this is a calling for Gary and he loves his work. If you want someone who is clearly an expert in his field and passionate about making trees healthy, vibrant and beautiful, Gary’s your man!

  76. Well, that was quite an adventure! A cat was stuck in one of my trees for two days over the New Year’s Holiday, and the poor owner (a darling 15-year-old girl) and her mom could only look on helplessly, trying to coax it down. It must have been 50 feet up. The Fire Department stated that they don’t take cats out of trees anymore. Animal Control’s ladder truck was broken, and they hoped to come out in a few days (never did). I and some neighbors tried to get the cat down ourselves with all kinds of approaches involving tall ladders, high climbing, poles, ropes and nets. By 9:00 p.m. on New Year’s Day, we had to give up because all we had succeeded in doing was spend a bit of money at the Home Depot, and drive the cat even higher where we could not see it, and it had stopped meowing its location. In the morning, we were able to see it about 60 feet up in the canopy, meowing piteously. At 7:10 a.m., I decided to call Gary.

    By 8:30 a.m., he was there. In no time, a hero was up the tree, had the cat’s limb roped off, and was sawing it free. The cat was ultimately released to a cushioned semi-controlled fall, and it sprinted home, where it began to drink like crazy.

    Although such was not really the purpose of Gary’s visit, he likes for people to get value for his money, so he cleaned up the other trees, and hauled away the dead branches and trunks.

    Gary had a full day’s work calendared, but he put us at the top of the list to do something beyond his normal scope of work. He was friendly and caring ever step of the way. He was a consummate professionals. I have nothing but praise for this professional service.


  77. Steve Perttula

    Gary performed an outstanding service and I am more than pleased with the results. He pays attention to detail and was kind enough to haul away all debris as well. Thanks again Gary and will recommend you in the future!

  78. Jen

    Call Gary! You’ll get a quick response, speedy timeline, GREAT PRICE and a GREAT WORK! I had a whole pile of work to be done and his team completed it all in one day, the very next day after we first spoke. The trees look MUCH better and healthier now and he even helped me out with complementary fertilization and mulch since we are a military family. Seriously, I can’t say enough great things. I highly recommend Gary and his tree team.

  79. Kelly LaMar

    Gary is fabulous. He removed 4 clusters of mature tree roots and planted King Palms in their place. Unbelievably quick response, incredibly reasonable price, awesome result! I couldn’t be more happy with choosing Gary’s company. Extra bonus: he actually clipped roots with small hand tool to avoid damaging my irrigation system. I heartily recommend Gary, he’ll be my tree guy for life.

  80. Mike

    I hired Gary to consult on a new tree and garden design plan at my property nicknamed The OC. Upon his arrival he immediately commented on my existing trees and what I should do to reduce their current state of stress.
    We started with a blank canvas, and dove right into the plan, new ideas flowed and current ideas fine tuned. You could feel the passion and knowledge in his words. Ideas came so quickly my brush couldn’t keep pace. He welcomed my ideas and listened carefully, interjecting sound suggestions that only a person with his vast experience could offer. A very creative, knowledgeable, passionate expert!
    By the time the session was done, the canvas was complete and a masterpiece born!
    Hiring him will save you time, stress and best of all money.
    Plus, you will have a yard that will stir envy in all your neighbors.
    Thanks again Gary!

  81. Cynthia V.

    I feared my trees (chinese pistashe) were dying – leaves yellowed and dropping. Gary came out – and did a health appraisal and a deep root fertilization – 2 weeks later, the trees are healthy and growing new strong leaves again. Gary also provided an assessment for the other trees in our yard (dispelling comments by other “experts” who’s solutions were to cut them down and buy new). We will definitely call Gary again when we need expert help (vs the local box store folks). Thank you again Gary!

  82. Paul B

    Gary did an excellent job at our home in La Jolla. He was on time for a free estimate. He gave thoughtful advice on a plan for our yard. His estimate was significantly less than other bids. Greentree fit us into their schedule quickly. He came on time and finished the job in one day. We will call Greentree the next time we need help with our trees.

  83. connie goldin

    Thanks for fitting us into your schedule so that we had our view for our party. It looks great and we appreciate your expertise.

  84. Tom Knopp

    We’re totally satisfied with Gary’s service and feel we got very good value for the price. He laced a poplar tree that had been ignored for fourteen years and it looks great. We’re trying to revive a large old tree in the back yard that looks sickly. Gary explained what was going on with it and what we need to do to hopefully save it. He came out on short notice, arrived on time, and did a great job on clean-up. Highly recommended.

  85. Michael Lake

    We are very happy with the service that Gary provided. He laced out a large tree in our back yard and took it from a huge old overgrown tree to a work of art. We will now enjoy our deck so much more. He also went above and beyond, and trimmed up another smaller tree and a large overgrown honeysuckle as a bonus.

    Thank you Gary.


  86. Anonymous

    I would highly recommend this tree service company.
    Gary was able to remove 2 trees for us the same day we called. All green waste was hauled away and clean-up was great.
    His years of experience and knowledge to keep trees looking healthy and visually appealing will make your yard look great.
    A healthy green-space will keep you in an upbeat and healthy state of mind.
    Call Gary to keep your trees happy!

  87. Jeanie F

    I would highly recommend Gary and his team. He was very knowledgable and took care of my dead trees promptly, stacking the firewood as well. His attention to detail is wonderful.
    He was prompt in returning my call and came out the same day and gave me an estimate.

  88. McKane Johnson

    Gary did a great job thinning out our massive pine trees and carrotwood. I appreciate his attention to detail and the care he took in working on our trees. I would recommend Gary to anyone needing the services of a certified arborist.

  89. Sheryl Moore

    One of the major surprises about Gary is he picked up the phone immediately the first time I called, and came out to give me an estimate the same day. That is big for me, I’m from No Call and prompt is always of primary importance. I choose Gary because he is a botanist, and an artist, I knew he could see where I was going with an artists eye. Green Tree did a beautiful job, the trees look great and my yard is looking better.

  90. Pam

    This is the guy to use! Gary laced our Carob tree and did an incredibly skillful and artistic job. It’s a tree that had been neglected for over 7 years, and badly pruned prior to that. Gary was able to completely revitalize it, and even though the change was dramatic, it looks spectacular (instead of butchered and violated like trees so often do after aggressive pruning). He was noticably attentive to the unique character of this particular Carob, and it’s obvious that the tree is going to do so much better now. What a great reboot!

  91. craig rogers

    Gary was extremely helpful with our tree needs. We were very pleased that Gary convinced us to keep our mature pepper trees and not just cut and grind them down. We had 3 trees removed and 3 trees laced and he did a wonderful job with great clean up too. I will certainly refer Gary to anyone who’s in need of a skilled arborist.

  92. Craig H

    Time for another tree trim job at my house and also time to shop for a new tree trimming service. I contacted 4 arborists to evaluate my trees and provide work estimates. Gary was the only arborist who spent a considerable amount of time to study the trees and he had good reasoning for each proposed cut. All other “Certified Arborists” who visited my property took very little time to properly study the trees and failed to acknowledge they were standing in a garden. Gary’s knowledge, attention to details, my first impression, and acknowledgment of my garden landed him the job and future work.

    The work Gary performed was top notch. They methodically worked the job in a timely manner, took great care to avoid damage to existing plants, and cleaned up better than previous contractors who worked on my property. Green Tree World Tree Service earned a place in my garden and I will be calling on him for future work. I highly recommend Green Tree World Tree Service as they are most definitely a cut above the rest and not a bunch of lumberjacks looking to make a quick buck.

  93. Maureen Hairopoulos

    Gary was prompt and responsible regarding our appointment. I called him to evaluate the growth of the plantings on our trellis abutting the house. We have termites in the attic of our house. It has been suggested that we tent the house which would include the trellis, in order to fumigate to kill the termites. Gary assured me that it would also kill the 25 years of growth of the creeping fig – I didn’t even know what the plant was! And he also kne1w how unique our trellis is and estimated the monetary value of the trellis. We will not be using the tenting method!

    In addition Gary took a look at our other plantings and gave suggestions to improve their health. He is extremely knowledgable, patient, and generous with his time and talent.

    Thank you, Gary.

  94. Holly Rhubottom

    Gary was the third person I had come out to look at my tree that looked like it was dying. The first two people I called didn’t even know what type of tree I had. Gary knew all about my tree, and even gave me info on all the other trees on my property. He has an amazing way to explain the life and structure of trees, and thankfully told me my tree would survive and didn’t need to be cut down- like the previous people had told me. You can feel how passionate he is about trees, and one of my favorite comments from him was that I couldn’t pay him to cut or trim any of my trees. I would recommend Gary to anyone who has trees and would like to understand how to take care of them.

  95. Angie S

    I had Green Tree World Tree Service come out last week and cut down a few branches from a huge eucalyptus tree that was damaged during the spring storms and high winds. Gary and his crew did an awesome job! The tree looks tremendous now! The price was competitive, they arrived on time, and then cleaned everything up! I would highly recommend them!

  96. Stepheni Fragale

    My initial contact with Gary was very professional and prompt. I called to receive an estimate and he was able to give me one the day I called. His prices were very reasonable and after reading his biography I was sold. I needed a 50 ft. tree removed and wanted to be sure I hired someone who could complete the job without hesitation. Gary removed one 50ft. tree and 3 dead trees, in addition to trimming many other trees in our yard. He promptly cleaned up and was finished in under 3 hours! Gary’s attention to detail, customer service and expert knowledge are unmatched. My husband and I are very pleased with the work he did and will use him for any other needs we have in the future. Thanks Gary!!!

    Stepheni & Joel

  97. Steve Bothwell

    I have worked with many different arborists, and garden designers over the last 30 years, and find Gary to be very special. His intelligence, vision, experience, and passion for trees, gardens, and the natural world is both very informative and inspirational. Gary responded immediately to my inquiry and did an excellent job in shaping, pruning, and fertilizing my trees. He is the only person who immediately identified the architectural purpose of our house and gardens without any direction from the homeowner. Gary is fun to work with because he not only does exactly what he says he is going to do, but also shares a wealth of knowedge from his background of music, art, philosophy, architecture, and cultural experiences. Working with Gary is not like working with a typical contractor, but instead a learning experience with a wonderful and passionate teacher.

  98. hildegard kleiser

    I am writing in praise of Gary Walker’s Magical Gardening:

    I needed Gary’s expertise again – urgently, and immediately. I know his work, his vision, imagination, creativity since, years ago, he and his crew catered to my old palm trees. The result was most impressive. They had saved one of my palms from the electric wires overhead by bending it carefully out of harms way so that it did not have to be removed! As a tree lover, I felt tremendously relieved.

    At that time, Gary had introduced me to his own garden sanctuary. Thus I knew that only he would be able to tame my jungle and create a garden. I showed him my huge corral trees, the California oaks, which started growing from seeds 20 years ago, the palms of which one is a Canary Phoenix Date Palm. Those were taking all the light, were not given shade but darkness. Everything had been overgrowing and suffocating each other including me.

    It is strange and wonderful, that, although Gary and I had not met in years, there was immediate understanding and agreement when we discussed Escondido’s summers, its heat, my need for shade and for light. I could completely trust his judgment knowing, there would not be cut one branch too many, that I would have a dome of green expanding over my patios and house and would still be able to HAVE and enjoy those trees of which I am so proud and fond of. When Gary and his assistant had finished their task – there was light, airiness, space, and sun was filtering through high branches all day long from all directions of the sky. The wind created dancing shadows. My garden had become alive again. It seemed all trees and plants below them were smiling.

    And I, I walk through my garden in total amazement and am smiling – for days, even at night, when I see stars again through the high branches, or those new roses with their pale pink glow. I experience a new way of seeing. There is not only much more light but also more space – the eye is drawn deep into parts that had been totally hidden! Gary has realized a paradise. Yes, the ‘raw material’ was there. But he ‘composed’ it differently, he directed the light, he created the shadows, he brought it to the foreground. He, in other words, painted a garden for me. He placed colors, form, and scent. Gary is an artist. Only an artist can accomplish such transformation, such enhancement.
    I am more than happy – I thank you, Gary, beyond words.

  99. Just Another Tree Lover

    Gary and his accomplished crew including a fabulous climber just finished a difficult tree “pruning” for us including a 70 foot eucalyptus tree. Unbelieveable change to the trees. He is passionate about his skills and about the trees which are much more than just trees to him.
    I now realize that proper care of trees is an art not a necessity. They give us much more than we give them. I wish people cared more passionately about the beauty in their own back yard.
    Gary’s work is not only technically good, it is true art and true to nature which he so loves. Trees ask nothing from you and give peace and serenity. I know in someway my trees are thanking me and inviting me into their world, a world made better than them and by Gary.
    Gratefully, Bill Johnson

  100. Sona

    Imagine my surprise when my ten year acquaintance with the prominent Green Tree Arborist, Gary Walker, hired once again to trim a myriad of overgrown shrubs and trees turned out to be a world travelor and fantastic musician. I listened to his music CD, Nurture Your Nature and then watched his two music videos on Youtube by typing in, garywalkeronline, and was blown away! I e-mailed my children to watch them too. Perhaps I will buy a CD for my l9 year old grandson who likes Jimi Hendrix, and should like Gary’s style.

  101. Joele and Larry

    We needed new trees planted and Gary provided ideas, the trees and the planting. The trees are gorgeous and we enjoy the new improved look of the garden. We have appreciated Gary’s knowledge and love for trees, his promptness of execution once a decision had been reached.

  102. Trisha and Mike

    Wow is not quite the word; it’s fabulous! The garden you designed and installed is beautiful. It’s Amazing how everything has filled in, plus the colors, the layers and depth; just awesome. You are the master.

  103. Lori Mitchell

    I contacted Gary pretty much out of the blue after seeing his wonderful garden online. He very graciously opened his garden and home to the Sketchcrawl group. About 20 of us showed up to draw and paint his magical garden. It took about 20 minutes just to decide on the right place to stop and paint because everywhere you looked there was a picture waiting to be painted. The colors and arrangement of plants, trees, flowers and ornamentation was intoxicating. Gary joined us for our sketchbook pass-around at lunch and the whole group enjoyed his enthusiasm for art and nature. If you want a one-of-a-kind, breathtaking garden, he’s the man.

  104. Ellen Frank

    Gary has been caring for my trees for quite a few years. I have a tendency to over plant and Gary has always been able to make everything work. He is knowledgable and provides reliable service. Thanks for all yor expertise Gary.

  105. Terrie

    I called Gary Walker and he made arrangements to meet with me that day at our condominium community. He showed up on time with enthusiasm. He was well mannered and casually dressed. He immediately establsihed a rapport with me. We talked about similar interests I discovered from his web site. Within a short amount of time, he surveyed the grounds, explained the project, and how he’d accomplish it in a safe, environmentally friendly manner. He discussed his credentials and marketed his services confidence. Afterwards, he made a follow up call to see if I had any questions. He was understanding and respectful of the fact that I needed to compare his bid with other services. When I called to check on his availability, he got to the job within a couple of days. Within half a day, he had cut down four trees, cleaned the area, and hauled away some of the wood. He left some of the wood for people to burn. The community looked neat and clean. After the job, Gary was available to answer other questions. Gary returns phone calls right away. I am very pleased with the ease of this process, and the timely manner in which he completed the job. It’s obvious by his words and actions that he genuinely cares about providing a quality service. I will recommend his services to anyone. The cost of the project was reasonalbe and comparable to other tree services. The most important factor in choosing his company was knowing he has the expertise and interest in meeting the client’s needs and expectations. He’s a great guy to know if you need tree services.

  106. Michael J. Nicholas

    We feel very fortunate to have had Gary visit the Self Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine in Los Angeles, not only as an expert arborist consulting but he also actually did some tree work himself.(wow) Gary is not only a gifted arborist but he truly cares about the health and vitality of trees. I feel that thanks to Gary my knowledge of proper tree pruning and tree structure is at another level. I would recomend Gary and his work wholeheartedly.

  107. Alli and Nick

    My husband and I are thrilled with the work of Gary and his team. We had some very mature and challenging trees that needed a professional’s touch. Our goal was to keep our trees and neighbors happy, Gary helped us reach that compromise in an artful way. We previoulsy used a different arborist and struggled to get timely responses and follow through on the job. Gary personally responded to our calls and was involved in managing our trees. We are very happy and will use him again…our neighbors have already recruited him after seeing his work on our property!

  108. Ellen Townsley 7/1/09

    “I love my new garden and I am very happy”. That is what I said to Gary Walker after he completed the garden design project in my back yard. His ideas were creative and imaginative. The Xanadu Philodendron next to the fishpond and under the bamboo is lovely, the side walkway and planting are attractive and will screen the neighbors, but my favorite spot is the variegated ginger. Looking at it in the dappled sun is a delight. Gary even wrote me a thank you note. Thank you Gary.

  109. Marion Wylie

    It is with great pleasure that my husband and I recommend Gary Walker to do landscaping and garden design. He is a very talented ‘Master Gardener.’ It was such a pleasant experience working with him. The results in our yard are extraordinary. He has done two projects for us.

  110. Gerald Brown

    The landscaping turned out to be one of the more challenging aspects of rebuilding our home after the 2007 Witch Fire. I plucked Gary’s name from the internet one day (Thanks Yahoo!). One tree had been left on our lot, but was uprooted and falling over. Gary took it down for me on a wet rainy day. No way I was going to get out my chain saw in the rain! (if I still had one, that is).

    Gary’s professionalism, passion, and knowledge are a perfect trifecta. He stood out head-and-shoulders above the other landscapers bidding on our job. He did a great job building a beautiful, low water use, yet functional, comfortable yard for us, and was constantly thinking in terms of spreading color across the seasons as different plants bloom. He is also big on artistic presentation: groups of 3 or 5, symmetry, “borrowed yard”, interior corner… these are just some of the concepts Gary employed, to wonderful effect.

    Two more descriptors for Gary: Artistic vision, and Value.

  111. Patricia J McDonald

    I called Gary after other “arborists” tried to help my trees. Both had burn from salt spray and one had be hit by a car and was severly distressed. He knew instantly what to do – deep fertilization and a trimming to reduce stress. The trees perked up and even the one that was damaged got new growth. Unfortunately, the heat spell we had while we were traveling put too much stress on the damaged tree and it didn’t survive.

    Gary made several suggestions for a tree more appropriate to the coastal area. We chose a bottle brush and he took out the old tree, planted the bottle brush, and took care of my other trees (fertilize and trim) – all while we were traveling so we came home to a healthy front yard.

    During this whole process which took about a year (for the damaged tree to die – we got another year out of it), Gary was responsive and helpful. I would highly recommend Gary for any tree work and garden design.


  112. very satisfied customer

    I’m a San Diegan but I’m from the midwest , so I love trees. That’s why I sought the services of an arborist when I had to cut back a too large 35 yr old tree that had been the CENTERPIECE (and curb appeal) of my front yard for 35 yrs. I didn’t want just a “tree trimming service”. i wanted someone who knew and loved trees. I contacted Gary – not knowing, at the time, his extensive background – nor that he had been recognized in “Home and Garden” and other such publications. (If I’d known that, I probably would have thought he’d have no time for my tree and would not have contacted him!)

    Gary was able to identify this tree immediately. (Local nurseries could not.) He told me what needed to be done. He assured me this tree would send out new growth within months. The next week my tree was trimmed! And . . . . it had been fertilized. And . . . . ALL the twigs, branches, leaves, etc had been completely cleaned up. And . . . . I had received instructions from Gary as to how to care for it in the months to come.

    Two months later, this tree began the process of sending out new growth. (Even sooner than predicted. ) It’s now only 6 mos later, so my locust tree isn’t yet ready to send “before and after” picutures. But it’s well on it’s way. If you need someone who knows trees, call Gary.

  113. Wayne Perryman

    I have two monster Ficus trees that I was considering for removal because they had gotten so big that I was afraid they were permanently out of control. Gary convinced me that all they needed was some restructuring and kept me from removing two beautiful trees. He took out major lateral branches and one entire trunk and now I have these beautiful trees under control.

    I recommend Gary to everyone with Landscape and Tree issues. He has a great combination of practical knowledge and a creative eye. Also his prices are very competitive.

  114. Mike Costa

    I have a HUGE Chinese Elm in my backyard which is close to some power lines, so the tree is of concern to the idiots at SDG&E. The unskilled labor they use to hack trees (begins with ass and ends with plund), has done the hot knife through butter routine on the limbs near the line time and time again, and left us with a jagged, mishapen mess of a tree. Enter Gary Walker and GREEN TREE WORLD. Gary came out, spent nearly two hours with us, gave us a detailed explanation of what was done, how he could help the situation, what it would cost, what work would be done and what the outcome would be.

    Well, I am looking out the window at a whole different vista today, thanks to Gary. The Chinese Elm has a new crown and has been re-shaped. He also attended to our Pitosporum and Hollywood Juniper, they look like new trees. He trimmed two Crape Myrtle’s we have and did a deep-root fertilization on all trees, for free.

    If you need a certified arborist…a guy who cares about your trees…cares about the job he promises to do…will be on site throughout the job and gets his hands dirty…..and will treat your trees with the proper care they deserve…USE GARY WALKER AND GREEN TREE WORLD!

  115. Anonymous

    We have used Gary Walkers service several times and in each case we can recommend his service without question. We first used his service for tree trimming. They looked so good! Later, we needed help with our half acre of native vegetation. We consulted with Gary and he worked extremely hard on the project turning a wild mess into a soft looking landscape. All of the reduced vegetation survived the dry fall and are holding up our slopes and embankments through the heavy rains. Gary has an excellent sense of what should be done to any plant in any environment. Now we are meeting with Gary to address the water shortage so that we can get a plan going to convert spaces to xeriscape. A very professional service.

  116. Five Star Recommendation of Green Tree Arborist 01/26/2009

    If you’re looking for an outstanding tree service provider, you’ll find it with Green Tree Arborist. I read about Gary Walker and his company in a local home and garden magazine, liked what I read, and checked out his website. Impressed with what I saw on that website, I left a message for Gary, asking him to contact me. He did so quickly and made arrangements to come to my home on a weekend, since I am not available during the week. He showed up on time and spent a considerable amount of time with me reviewing my trees and discussing what I wanted done. He listened closely to me and then made numerous great suggestions about what he believed would be best for my trees. Note that I say “suggestions”, because he did not try to sell me anything–something I greatly appreciate. He fully explained a system of fertilizing my trees to improve and maintain their health and appearance, beautifully trimmed my trees, and did a nice job of cleaning up and hauling away the debris. He is very knowledgeable about trees and plants and clearly loves working with people to make their property beautiful. Oh, and I should mention that his fees are very reasonable. I highly recommend Green Tree Arborist.

  117. Exceptional Service 01/13/2009

    I called Gary to look at a sick tree I have. He returned the call quickly. When I described the problem, he worked his schedule to get out the next day even though we have not worked together before. He explained on the phone how he worked and his pricing structure. Not only did I find his pricing reasonable, it was nice not to have to ask what the cost would be or get a vague answer. Gary arrived on time and spent a good deal of time explaining what was going on and giving me the prognosis. He did this for several other trees I have and took care of several other minor issues I had above and beyond what we had talked about. He gave me advice on how to care for my trees in general and provided recommendations that are easy to implement. He also did something I haven’t seen in a long time. He followed up with a thank you card. I enjoyed his enthusiasm about the plants I have in my yard and the possibilities for improvements. He didn’t lecture me about the things I should have been doing better which was greatly appreciated.

  118. Billi 01/08/2009

    We have a huge oak tree in our backyard and Gary Walker has been taking care of it for us now for several years. A few years ago the tree was not looking very good and I had called Gary to come out and take a look. I was very impressed with his immediate response and his professionalism and knowledge. He spent time with me explaining the best course of action to take to improve the condition of the tree. He trimmed the tree, fertilized and because at the time we were in a drought situation told us to deep water the tree during the months of July and August. The condition of the tree improved and we have continued to call him on a regular basis. He has also taken care of our fruit trees as well as some decorative trees. We just recently had Gary out again to trim the Oak tree as well as our other trees and he did an exceptional job! Again he took the time to explain exactly what he would recommend for each tree. He even went above and beyond what I expected and our trees look beautiful! I would definitely recommend him to everyone!

  119. Another satisfied client 01/07/2009

    When I called Gary and left my first message, the call was returned so quickly, I was shocked. This was during the holidays and I fully expected it to be days before I heard back from anyone. He came out right away, looked at my tree and was ready to schedule a time to come out. Gary did a great job and made my tree look very beautiful. He cleaned up, and completed the job just as he said. I am totally satisfied and would recommend Gary to anyone.

  120. Green Tree’s owner Gary Walker…

    Green Tree’s owner Gary Walker is amazingly knowledgable and passionate about gardens. He helped design a steep slope in our yard with a naturalistic approach and it is breathtaking. He is very hands on. It is so nice to work with someone who wants your garden to be as beautiful as you do. He called a month after the work was complete to check on the health of our plants. You will be thrilled with him once you contract him to do ANY work in your yard.

  121. Happy Trees! 11/23/2008

    Gary impressed me with his knowledge and personal touch. We had several trees in bad shape due to poor pruning done before we bought our property. We also had some new trees that had recently been planted and others that had been transplanted. He explained what each of the trees needed and did the trimming himself. He also did deep root fertilization on all the trees and some of my larger plants. They all look much healthier and happier. We will be calling Gary for all our future tree needs.

  122. tree artistry 11/20/2008

    Gary Walker is not only serious about his work, but very knowledgable at that. He also listens to his clients to see what is most important to them. I recently talked to Gary about my yard and how important is was to me that when he cut back my trees that they still looked like they were the artwork in my yard. I was not dissapointed. He also was very cautious about working with a very short drop zone. There were a lot of smaller plants under the trees, and they all made it through the process with no trampling or damage. I would reccomend Green Tree Arborist to all the descerning clients out there looking for someone to enhance their garden, with care and an artistic sense of balance.

  123. look no further 09/11/2008

    When i first met Gary (owner & master arborist) i had no doubt that he was the man for the job. Just by first impression you know he has a passion for trees that is deep rooted. We have a very, very old Tipuana tree in our front yard that needed immediate and serious restructuring. Gary took the time to educate me on the structure, heath and anatomy of trees so that i was comfortable with the work that needed to be done. Our situation was an emergency and Gary rescheduled himself so he could make our needs an immediate priority. He is clearly very intelligent and i liked that he was the one doing all the cutting and restructuring. Gary is hands on. He was very respectful of the yard and cleaned up well. I am so glad i came across Gary and will use him for future arborist, landscaping design and needs. Look no more, just hire Gary. He’s totally worth it!

  124. Gary loves plants and trees ! 7/30/2008

    Gary is a detailed person who loves working with trees and plants. He redid our front and back yard about two years ago and has been maintaining them since that time. He didn’t insist on pulling everything out and starting over the way other landscapers had suggested. He added to what we already had. He sees plants and landscaping artistically. He did most of the work himself to make sure that his high standards were met. He is reliable and not afraid of hard work. He is willing to work with whatever suggestions we have and we appreciate that.

  125. Great Job! 06/17/2008

    Gary did a great job refreshing and replanting the hedge row that buffers my home from the railroad tracks! He responded in a timely manner to my calls, listened to my input, provided excellent recommendations, discussed the job as it progressed, implemented the job quickly and followed up to make sure I was happy. I especially liked the fact that he was knowledgeable and passionate about his work, was at the job full time and did much of the trimming and installation himself. I will definitely recommend him to others and use him for future work.

  126. Nice Job 06/08/2008

    Gary Walker has a passion for what he does and it shows in the care he takes in doing his job. We had several trees that needed to be removed to facilitate a re-landscaping of our property as well as others that needed trimming, shaping and lacing. Gary listened to what we were trying to accomplish and gave suggestions as to the possibilities to meet those goals. He and his crew were prompt and did a good job of cleaning up at job’s end. I would not hesitate in recommeding Gary and Green Tree Arborist to others.

  127. satisfied customer 06/04/2008

    We used the services of Gary Walker, at Green Tree Arborists, and were very pleased. Gary was patient and came by twice to exactly describe how he would trim and shape a very large California Pepper tree. We were especially pleased that Gary actually did the trimming himself, and did not delegate it to an employee. The clean up was excellent and we were most pleased with the whole project.

  128. jean holt 05/22/2008

    Besides being prompt and professional and reasonably priced, I was most impressed with Gary Walker’s vast knowledge of and passion for trees. My trees had been butchered by a previous landscape service and Green Tree thankfully saved my beautiful specimens from ruin. I will definitely call Mr Walker again for trimming and lacing my trees as well as monthly maintenance for my property.

  129. Number 1 Arborist!!

    Gary was very professional and prompt. He took the time and as very specific about solutions to our concerns. Was impressively knowledgeable about trees, shrubs, flowers, soil, insects, landscape design, etc. Gary offered a lot of helpful advice and tips. We consider ourselves well read in Southern California gardening but Gary pointed out things that you do not learn in books. Things that one learns only after years of experience. Highly recommended.

  130. Expert, Efficient and Reliable

    We’ve hired many different arborists over the years and have frequently been perplexed by the disconnect in how well they “sell their services” versus how poorly they deliver on their promises; kind of the same problem with your worse realtors who work hard to get your listing, but then don’t deliver on the more important task of actually selling your house. Thus, when we met with Gary, following our call to him to discuss some annual tree maintenance we required, I was both impressed by his knowledge and understanding, but also skeptical of whether he would deliver on everything he promised. Well, I’m happy to say there is no need to be concerned! He not only returned to do the work within three days, as he promised, but completed the work on schedule and within the agreed-upon price, cleaning up the debris, etc as though no one had ever been there. Even more importantly, the trimming he performed was masterfully natural looking- no different than the best hair cut that both looks great and yet not like you just returned from the hair salon. Finally, the suggestions he made for needed care and maintenance were spot on, for our palms have never looked better. I will certainly call Gary again the next time we need tree service and am happy to give him my highest recommendation to anyone requiring expert, efficient and reliable help with their trees. R. Bartus, Carmel Valley

  131. After interviewing several tree companies/Arborists, we got an estimate from Gary Walker, the owner of Greentree and because of his enthusiasm, knowledge and passion for trees was so far ahead of anyone else we’d spoken with we engaged his services to artistically lace out several large, prized trees in our yard. We were so impressed with his work and professionalism that we’ve since recommended him to friends and family. Nice part was that Gary himself was on the job. Excellent clean up as well.

  132. I have 4 prized (15 years old) olive trees that looked as if they were all about to die. Gary came out on a Saturday to accommodate my work schedule. He is extremely knowledgeable and put my trees on a fertilizer and watering schedule. All trees are now starting to look healthy. He has called back several times to check up on how things are going. I would highly recommend him. Great service.

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